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Tokyo Fire Department conducts anti-terrorism drills in preparation for Olympics

  • October 28, 2018
  • , The Japan Times
  • English Press

With hundreds of thousands of visitors due to descend upon the capital for the 2020 Summer Games, the Tokyo Fire Department is making anti-terrorism preparations well in advance of the world’s biggest sporting event.


All of the department’s 18,000 staffers conducted anti-terrorism drills Saturday as part of its preparation for the games.


The drills simulated a scenario involving bombs and chemical attacks. The training, the first time the entire department has held joint anti-terrorism drills, was designed to strengthen communication and speed up the sharing of information among the divisions of fire authorities in the capital.


Venues for the drills included a sports facility, a shopping mall and a train station, as well as the famous Oi horse track in Shinagawa Ward.


The drill at the racecourse, joined by some 2,700 staff members, was conducted based on a scenario where about 1,500 people had been killed or injured after the explosions of two bombs. Participants practiced rescuing victims and triage, a process of deciding the priority for treating affected people according to the level of seriousness of their conditions.


“Some of the drills didn’t go as smoothly as we had expected,” Tatsuya Yuasa, chief of the fire department’s second district headquarters covering Shinagawa and neighboring Ota Ward, said after the drills. “We’ll examine the latest drills and conduct more exercises.”

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