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61% approve of Abe’s China policy, Yomiuri poll

In the Yomiuri Shimbun’s nationwide public opinion poll conducted on Oct. 26–28, some 61% of pollees said they “support” Prime Minister Abe’s China policy. Some 24% thought otherwise. By political party supported, 77% of Liberal Democratic Party supporters approved of the policy while 51% of independents and 49% of opposition party supporters did as well. In each case, those “approving” of Abe’s policy in relation to this Asian neighbor exceed those “disapproving.”


On Oct. 25–27, Prime Minister Abe paid a state visit to China, the first in seven years by a Japanese prime minister. At Abe’s summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two national leaders confirmed they would advance Japan-China ties to a new stage and strengthen their partnership toward the denuclearization of North Korea. It seems that pollees approved of these developments.


Some 39% said that Japan “should hold a summit with North Korea as soon as possible” (previous poll conducted on Oct. 2–3: 50%) while 56% said “the matter should be considered with caution (46%).”


[Polling methodology: The nationwide survey was conducted on Oct. 26–28 on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis and targeted voters aged 18 or over with calls placed to landline and mobile phone numbers. Valid responses were received from a total of 1,083 persons, including 538 persons (out of the 885 households with one or more eligible voters) for landline numbers and 545 persons (out of the 1,163 persons who answered) for mobile numbers. The valid response rates were 61% for landline numbers and 47% for mobile numbers.]

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