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LDP division conditionally OKs new foreign worker status

  • October 30, 2018
  • , Jiji Press , 3:42 a.m.
  • English Press
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Tokyo, Oct. 29 (Jiji Press) — The judicial affairs division of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party conditionally gave the nod Monday to a government-drafted bill to revise the immigration control law to enable Japan to accept more foreign workers by creating new types of resident status for them.


In a meeting held at the party’s headquarters in Tokyo, Gaku Hasegawa, head of the division, introduced a resolution urging the government to make technical requirements stricter for granting the so-called Type 2 status, seen as an effective measure to let more immigrants in the country.

Justice Minister Takashi Yamashita expressed intention to do so, helping stifle dissenting opinion.

Aiming to adopt the bill at a cabinet meeting on Friday, the government hopes to obtain approval from the party’s General Council on Tuesday. But some LDP members remain reluctant to allow the law amendment.

According to the draft bill, Type 1 status allows workers with specified skills to stay in Japan for up to five years in total per person but bans them from bringing their family members with them. But skillful workers who obtained Type 2 status can extend the period of stay unlimitedly and call their family members over to Japan.

The resolution also calls on the government to discuss sufficiently with the LDP before deciding the number of foreign workers to be accepted under the revised law.

Yamashita told the meeting that the resolution is extremely important. The government will make Type 2 skill levels equal to or higher than those of foreign workers with the current resident status, he noted.

Many division members clapped to demonstrate their decision to leave handling of the resolution to Hasegawa and approve the proposed bill. But some others voiced their opposition to the bill.

Earlier on Monday, the party’s health, labor and welfare division adopted a resolution demanding the government strictly check social insurance premium payment by foreign workers, and Shinjiro Koizumi, head of the division, presented the resolution to the judicial affairs division.

The judicial division failed to adopt the draft bill at its meeting on Friday, because many members raised objections and expressed cautious stances.

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