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Gov’t planning to set up a public-private consortium against cyberattacks

  • October 27, 2018
  • , Yomiuri evening edition , Lead
  • JMH Translation

The government will launch a public-private consortium as early as in April 2019 to collect and analyze information on cyberattacks against domestic firms and get concerned institutes and organizations informed about how to address those hacking activities. The move is aimed at bolstering the nation’s defenses against cyberattacks in preparation for the G20 summit next June and the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games to be held in the summer of 2020.


The National Center for Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) within the Cabinet Secretariat will take the initiative in launching the public-private consortium in partnership with key institutes that specialize in information security and several private firms.


Plans are also underway to set up a “cybersecurity council.” The consortium will become a core component of the council and responsible for collecting and analyzing information on damage domestic firms sustained from cyberattacks as well as laying out measures. It will also inform central government ministries and agencies, local governments, transportation providers, operators of key infrastructure services, such as electricity and gas, which will comprise the council, about them.


The establishment of the council is included in proposed revisions to the Cybersecurity Basic Act, which the government has submitted to the Diet. The government is looking to enact the bill during the current extraordinary Diet session and step up preparations for the launch of the council and the public-private consortium. (Abridged)

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