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49% read more than one book a month, Yomiuri nationwide survey on reading

  • October 27, 2018
  • , Yomiuri , p. 2
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The Yomiuri Shimbun conducted a (mail-in) nationwide public opinion poll on reading, targeting 3,000 voters age 18 or over. Some 49% of all pollees reported they had read a book in the last month, down slightly from last year’s survey where 52% said they had read a book. Some 50% said they had not read even one book (last year’s survey: 47%).


Asked why they had not read a book (multiple responses permitted), 50% of nonreaders reported having “no time,” making it the most frequently given response. Some 32% said “there was no negative impact for not reading.”


Asked what type of books they had purchased in the last month (multiple responses permitted), 22% said “hardcover books,” 22% said “paperback books (10.5 X 14.8 cm),” 10% said “paperbound pocket editions (10.3 × 18.2 cm),” and 5% said “electronic books.” Some 28% said that “they often immediately purchase a hardcover book” when a book they want to read is released, while 27% said that “they usually wait for it to be released as a paperback book.”


Some 22% said that they have read an electronic book, while 38% said they are interested in doing so. Asked whether they would buy a print version or an electronic version if a book they wanted to read were available in both, 78% said “print” while 8% said “electronic.”


The survey was conducted on Sept. 4–Oct. 11. Some 2,170 responses were received (response rate: 72%).


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