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Suga says Japan may file suit with International Court of Justice over forced labor issue

NHK reported at noon that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning that if the South Korean government fails to take appropriate measures to rectify the violation of international law with the recent decision by South Korea’s Supreme Court ordering a Japanese steel firm to pay compensation to South Korean workers who were forced to work during wartime, the GOJ is planning to respond firmly, including filing a suit with the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Suga reportedly said: “The decision fundamentally undermines the legal foundation of the friendship that has been forged since the normalization of diplomatic relations. It is extremely regrettable and unacceptable.” “We are strongly asking South Korea to take appropriate measures, including rectifying the state of violation of international law, and will first wait for their response. If the South Korean government fails to take swift and appropriate measures, we will respond firmly, keeping all options open, including the ICJ,” he added.

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