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President Trump praises relationship with PM Abe, criticizes Japan on trade deficit

All national dailies reported in their Thursday evening and Friday morning editions on a news conference held by President Trump at the White House on Wednesday, highlighting his comments on trade with Japan and the possibility of holding a second summit with DPRK leader Kim Jong Un. The papers quoted the President as saying that Prime Minister Abe is one of the people he is closest with, but Japan does not treat the United States fairly on trade. The President reportedly added that Japan does not import American cars and imposes a massive tax on U.S.-made automobiles that it does import. The President reportedly went on to say that the United States has close to a $100 billion trade deficit with Japan. Nikkei wrote that the U.S. trade deficit with Japan was about $69 billion in 2017 and that Japan imposes no tax on U.S. auto imports.


Concerning the possibility of holding a second summit with Chairman Kim, the President reportedly said that a meeting will happen sometime early next year and that he is in no rush to meet with the DPRK leader. The President reportedly added that although he would like to relax the sanctions on North Korea, Pyongyang has to be responsive to U.S. requests for denuclearization. The papers wrote that with this remark, the President reiterated the U.S. policy of keeping the sanctions in place until Pyongyang takes concrete steps to denuclearize.

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