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U.S., Japan, Australia begin joint minesweeping exercise

  • November 20, 2018
  • , Asahi
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Asahi wrote that a minesweeping exercise involving naval forces of the United States, Japan, and Australia began in waters off Miyazaki on Sunday and will run through Nov. 28. The paper wrote that this is the first time for the three nations to conduct a joint minesweeping exercise in Japanese waters. Participating in the exercise are 22 minesweepers and two helicopters from the MSDF, two ships and one helicopter from the U.S. Navy, and two ships from the Royal Australian Navy, according to Asahi. The paper speculated that the exercise is intended to demonstrate trilateral unity in line with the vision of creating a “free and open Indo-Pacific” and to send a warning to China, which has been increasing its influence in the South China Sea.

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