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Independent Lower House member Nagashima wooed by both ruling, opposition parties

Independent House of Representatives member Akihisa Nagashima held a political fund raising party in Tokyo on Nov. 26. Senior officials of both the ruling and opposition parties all tried to woo him.


Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) General Council Chairman Katsunobu Kato praised Nagashima in his speech by saying: “We are engaged in political activities based on the same ideas. We have been able to do so even though we belong to different parties.”


Nagashima is in favor of constitutional revision. He and another independent Lower House member Hirofumi Ryu formed a floor group called “Future Japan” in the Lower House. The LDP is planning to present its constitutional revision proposals to the current Diet session, so it is hoping for the cooperation of Nagashima and others.


On the other hand, Democratic Party for the People leader Yuichiro Tamaki addressed Nagashima directly, telling him: “I would like to work with you again in the near future. Let us move forward together as comrades in spirit.”


Both Tamaki and Nagashima used to belong to the Party of Hope.

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