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DM Iwaya says pouring of earth into Henoko reclamation site to begin Dec. 14

  • December 3, 2018
  • , NHK , 11:00 a.m.
  • JMH Summary

NHK reported before noon that Defense Minister Iwaya announced this morning that the Okinawa prefectural government has been notified that the Okinawa Defense Bureau will start pouring earth into the FRF site in waters off Henoko on Dec. 14. He went on to say that the national government made the decision to begin the reclamation work after “meticulously” taking the necessary procedures through discussions with Okinawa for one month. NHK said preparations for the landfill work also started this morning, with about 50 opponents to Henoko relocation protesting near the pier where earth was being loaded on a ship, resulting in minor skirmishes with the police. 

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