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Concern mounting in Okinawa about potential mishaps involving visiting U.S. military planes  

Sunday’s Ryukyu Shimpo reported on a recent series of accidents involving FA-18s, including the latest collision with a KC-130 air tanker off Shikoku, highlighting growing qualms within Okinawa about the possibility of mishaps being caused by transient U.S. military planes flying to the island prefecture for training. The daily explained that FA-18s and F-35Bs from MCAS Iwakuni have regularly conducted drills across Okinawa, with FA-18s being sighted over Kadena AB more than 1,800 times in FY2017. Noting that the latest mishap involving an FA-18 and a KC-130 occurred while the aircraft were engaged in refueling practice at night, the daily speculated that similar training is probably being conducted over Okinawa as well.

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