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  • December 11, 2018
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NHK, TV Asahi, NTV, and Fuji TV gave extensive coverage to Kyoto University Distinguished Professor Tasuku Honjo’s attendance at the Nobel Prize award ceremony and banquet in Stockholm last night, noting he was the first laureate to wear a formal Japanese haori and hakama since literature prize winner Yasunari Kawabata in 1968. TBS gave top coverage to a report that today is the coldest day of the season in the Tokyo area.


Major front-page items in national papers included the resignation of all nine private-sector executives of the 11-member board of directors of the public-private fund Japan Investment Corporation over a feud with METI concerning their remuneration, the indictment of former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn and his top aide Greg Kelly, a GOJ decision not to procure telecommunications equipment produced by Huawei and ZTE, and the admission by two medical colleges in the Kanto area that they discriminated against female applicants.


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