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Okinawa governor to meet with Suga today

  • December 13, 2018
  • , All national papers
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All papers reported that Okinawa Governor Tamaki is expected to discuss Futenma relocation with Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga at the Kantei today, noting that the Okinawa leader will not be able to meet with Prime Minister Abe as requested due to a scheduling conflict. The governor is likely to ask Suga not to go ahead with a plan to start pouring earth into waters off Camp Schwab on Friday. On the landfill work, the government spokesman told the press yesterday: “We will move forward with the FRF construction work in accordance with relevant statutes while giving maximum consideration to the natural environment and the living environment.”


In a related development, Mainichi wrote that the Okinawa prefectural government issued administrative instructions to the Okinawa Defense Bureau yesterday asking it to halt preparations for the landfill operation immediately on the grounds that the bureau has failed to submit a document verifying the quality of the earth to be used for landfill. The instructions are reportedly not legally binding.

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