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Noon news

  • December 13, 2018
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NHK led with a report that in relation to the question of the extradition of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou to the U.S., Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland stated that “our legal system is independent and free from political interference.” Commenting on President Trump’s earlier statement that he would consider intervening in the case if it would help the U.S.-China trade talks, Freeland said that “if Meng takes issue with this statement, the Canadian court would gauge the impact of the remarks in the extradition hearings.” NHK also reported on the possible detention of a second Canadian citizen by the Chinese authorities in addition to former diplomat Kovrig.


TV Asahi and TBS led with Freeland’s disclosure at a news conference that the whereabouts of the second Canadian have become unknown after he was reportedly interrogated by the Chinese authorities. Freeland reportedly said the Canadian government has raised this issue with the Chinese government. While Freeland did not reveal the identity of the second Canadian, the Canadian media said he is business executive Michael Spavor.


NTV reported that British Prime Minister May survived a vote of no confidence from her party, while Fuji TV gave top coverage to the arrest of a missing Vietnamese technical intern who fled after attacking his Vietnamese coworker with a hammer.

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