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Japan lodges protest with ROK over military drill near Liancourt Rocks

Asahi wrote that in response to an announcement by the South Korean Navy on Thursday that it will hold its annual island defense exercises with the Coast Guard and the Air Force near the Liancourt Rocks (Takeshima in Japan, Dokdo in South Korea) on Thursday and Friday, Director-General Kanasugi of MOFA Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau lodged a protest with a senior official at the South Korean Embassy in Tokyo. Minister-Counselor Mizushima of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul separately lodged a protest with a senior official at South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japanese officials told their ROK counterparts that the drills are totally unacceptable in view of Japan’s position on the sovereignty of Takeshima and urged Seoul to halt the exercises.


All other national dailies ran similar reports, with Yomiuri and Sankei quoting Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga as telling the press on Thursday that the drills are extremely regrettable and totally unacceptable because there has been no change in Japan’s position on the sovereignty of Takeshima.

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