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ANN poll shows drop in cabinet support rating, disapproval of policies on sales tax hike, Henoko landfill

TV Asahi reported this morning that an opinion poll conducted by ANN on Dec. 15-16 showed that support for the Abe cabinet stood at 40%, 4.3 percentage points down from last month, and the disapproval rate was 40.6%, up by 4.2 points. When asked about Prime Minister Abe’s decision to raise the consumption tax rate to 10% in October 2019, 49% of respondents expressed disapproval and 45% expressed approval. With regard to the proposed policy package to mitigate the impact of the tax hike, 66% said they were opposed to it and only 22% voiced support. In response to the legal amendments to accept more foreign workers, 49% expressed support and 34% were negative.


On the issue of Henoko relocation, 55% disapproved of the ongoing construction work, while 32% expressed approval.

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