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DPFP lays out SOFA revision proposal

The Democratic Party for the People (DPFP) compiled a proposed revision to the Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement, which stipulates the U.S. forces’ legal status in Japan on accidents and incidents involving the U.S. military personnel, a source close to the party revealed on Dec. 22. The proposal mainly calls for guaranteeing the exercise of Japan’s police authority and criminal jurisdiction, clearly stating that “Japanese authorities can exercise the rights to investigation, seizure and inspection.” The DPFP is looking to incorporate the proposal into its campaign pledges for the Upper House election, which will be held next summer.


The DPFP created the proposal to emphasize that it is a party capable of presenting policies and adopting policies different from those of other parties. “Okinawa’s base-hosting burden will never be eased unless the SOFA is revised,” said DPFP Representative Yuichiro Tamaki in Osaka while speaking to reporters. The party aims to present the proposal to the ruling and opposition camps in order to lead discussions on the matter.  

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