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9 members of Group of Independents to join CDPJ

  • January 9, 2019
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
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The Group of Independents in the Lower House endorsed on Jan. 8 that Katsuya Okada, representative of the group, as well as Kaname Tajima and Emi Kaneko, will join the in-House group of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan before the ordinary Diet session begins. Together with former Minister of Finance Jun Azumi, former Minister of Construction Kishiro Nakamura and four other members who decided to join the CDPJ at the end of last year, nine out of the 13 members of the Group of Independents move to the CDPJ. Former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, Hajime Hirota and Kentaro Motomura will not join the CDPJ.


Okada told reporters about these changes in its membership in the Diet Building after a general meeting of the Group of Independents. Meanwhile, Noda noted: “I will continue to dedicate all my efforts to act as a bridge between the CDPJ and the Democratic Party for the People.” As prime minister, he decided to raise the consumption tax to 10%. The CDPJ, however, calls for freezing the tax hike.


Noda and Hirota will consider forming a new floor group with former Minister of Foreign Affairs Koichiro Gemba, who has already expressed his intention not to join the CDPJ. Motomura is seeking to run for the Sagamihara mayoral election, which will be held in April.


Where will 13 members of the Group of Independents head?

Nine will join the CDPJ

Kishiro Nakamura; Katsuya Okada; Jun Azumi; Masaharu Nakagawa; Kenji Eda; Kaname Tajima; Hiroshi Ogushi; Takahiro Kuroiwa; Emi Kaneko

Three will consider forming a new in-House group

Koichiro Gemba; Yoshihiko Noda; Hajime Hirota

Will run for Sagamihara mayoral election

Kentaro Motomura


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