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GOJ to pay 16 billion yen for Mageshima

Asahi wrote that the Abe administration agreed to pay 16 billion yen ($147 million), more than three times the original offer of 4.5 billion yen ($41 million), to persuade the owner of Mageshima to sell the island, which will serve as a relocation site for the U.S. military’s carrier landing practice (FCLP). The paper said the GOJ had been under pressure from the U.S., which has reportedly been frustrated with Tokyo’s failure to implement the 2011 bilateral accord to move FCLP from Iwoto.


While noting that the GOJ plans to build SDF facilities on the island not just for FCLP but also for use as a logistical hub in the event of a contingency, the daily said local officials and some residents are not enthusiastic about hosting U.S. drills. Mayor Yaita of Nishinoomote, the Tanegashima city that includes Mageshima, said there are “better ways” to use the island.

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