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Moon says Japan and ROK need wisdom to resolve compensation issue

NHK reported on South Korean President Moon Jae In’s New Year’s press conference on Thursday morning. The network said that Moon did not give a direct answer to a question from an NHK reporter about his response to the GOJ’s request to hold talks on a South Korea court’s approval of the seizure of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.’s assets. However, the ROK President reportedly said: “This is not an issue the ROK government has created. This is a problem that results from the unfortunate history [of relations between our nations]. The Japanese government should not politicize this. Both sides should use their wisdom to resolve the issue.” Moon added: “Both South Korea and Japan respect the separation of the three branches of government. It is necessary for the ROK government to respect the judicial decision. The Japanese government may be dissatisfied with the court decision, but it needs to understand that we have no control [over it]. It is not desirable to damage our forward-looking relations by politicizing the issue.” Concerning the plaintiffs’ claim that a new foundation should be established with funding by the Japanese and ROK governments and private companies to pay compensation to the requisitioned workers, Moon commented: “We will see how the idea develops.”

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