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Poll shows slight drop in cabinet support rating

  • January 14, 2019
  • , TBS
  • JMH Summary

TBS reported this morning on the results of a JNN opinion poll conducted on Jan. 12-13 showing a slight drop of 2 percentage points in the cabinet support rating to 50.8%, while the disapproval rating rose by 1.2 points to 45.5%. The poll results also included the following:

  • 87% were unconvinced by the ROK government’s claim that its destroyer did not illuminate the MSDF plane with fire-control radar, while only 2% were convinced.
  • 81% were unconvinced by the ROK government’s assertion that the MSDF plane was “flying at a dangerously low altitude,” while only 4% were convinced.
  • 75% said they don’t think progress can be made in the Northern Territories issue through the Japan-Russia summits to be held this month and in June, while 16% said they expect some progress.
  • 86% found it problematic that the Labor Ministry released erroneous monthly jobs data for over 15 years, while 9% did not.
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