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Source: ROK proposed experts’ examination of radar data at Singapore talks

  • January 16, 2019
  • , NTV digital
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NTV reported online on Wednesday evening that according to an ROK military source, the ROK side proposed at the Jan. 14 meeting in Singapore between Japanese and ROK defense officials on the fire-control radar incident that experts from both countries conduct detailed examinations of the SDF aircraft’s radar data including the frequency on the condition that the SDF disclose such data. The meeting ended with the two sides failing to find any middle ground and the ROK criticizing Japan for demanding the full disclosure of the ROK destroyer’s radar data in exchange for the SDF’s disclosure of part of its data. NTV said that a senior Japanese Defense Ministry official criticized the ROK’s attitude at the meeting, saying “it did not show good faith” and even hinted at terminating bilateral talks on the issue.


Meanwhile, NTV posted a separate online report on remarks by former Defense Minister Onodera on a BS-NTV program on Wednesday evening. He reportedly said that to resolve the matter it would be more “effective” to appeal to the international community than to talk to the ROK. Former chief of the ASDF Air Support Command Kunio Orita, appearing on the same program, stressed that since illumination with fire-control radar is a matter that could spark an international conflict, an ambiguous resolution would be unacceptable.

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