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  • January 23, 2019
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NHK, TV Asahi, and Fuji TV led with extensive reports on the talks held between Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Putin at the Kremlin yesterday evening. The two leaders reportedly agreed to further accelerate negotiations for a peace treaty and implement joint economic activities in the Northern Territories, but made no concrete progress on the territorial issue. NHK reporters in Moscow observed that while Abe and Putin agreed to step up discussions, they both expect talks on the territorial dispute to be protracted due to the wide gap between them on history and security issues. TV Asahi pointed out that Putin did not mention in any detail the territorial issue at the joint news conference held after the talks, and Fuji TV noted that the term “Northern Territories” was not used at all in the news conference.


TBS’s top story was a follow-up report on a statement issued yesterday by Prince Mako’s boyfriend Kei Komuro saying that his family’s financial problems have been resolved. NTV reported on an influenza outbreak across Japan.


The Abe-Putin summit in Moscow and improper data collection by the Labor Ministry were the two dominant front-page items in national papers.

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