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FRF referendum likely to be held by all municipalities in Okinawa

  • January 24, 2019
  • , Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo
  • JMH Translation

Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times wrote that proponents of the Feb. 24 Futenma referendum in the Okinawa prefectural assembly agreed yesterday to revise a relevant ordinance so that voters will be given the choice of “neither,” in addition to “yes” or “no,” in the referendum on the landfill operation for the FRF construction off Camp Schwab. If the proposed change, which is intended to encourage the participation of the five municipalities that have opted to boycott the referendum, is endorsed by plebiscite opponents, most of whom are LDP members, the vote could be held throughout the southernmost prefecture. The proponents were initially hesitant about altering the ballot but heeded a plea for change by Governor Tamaki, who is reportedly committed to giving all eligible voters a chance to have their voices heard on the relocation initiative. If the five cities boycott the referendum as planned, three out of ten voters in Okinawa will not be able to cast ballots.    

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