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Defense Ministry starts building new seawall for FRF in Henoko

  • January 28, 2019
  • , NHK, TBS, TV Asahi
  • JMH Summary

NHK, TV Asahi, TBS reported at noon that the Defense Ministry started construction work this morning on a new seawall in Oura Bay on the eastern side of the Henoko reclamation site and that the Okinawan government has been notified. Although the prefectural government has not approved the ministry’s request for permission to transfer coral at the site, the embankment work has been started based on the judgment that it will not affect the coral for now. Earth-pouring operations are already underway on the southern side of the reclamation site and the ministry plans to speed up the construction work for Henoko relocation. NHK pointed out, however, that the seabed is soft in places on the eastern side of the reclamation site, requiring design changes that the Okinawa government is unlikely to approve, thus giving rise to concern about further delays in the construction plan.

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