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Construction of new seawall begins off Camp Schwab

  • January 29, 2019
  • , Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, Sankei
  • JMH Summary

All papers except Nikkei reported that the Defense Ministry started building on Monday a new seawall in Oura Bay on the southeastern side of the FRF reclamation site. After the construction is finished this summer, the seawall will be used as a platform for unloading earth from ships to be used for landfill. Although these operations demonstrate the central government’s resolve to accelerate FRF construction, the papers speculated that Governor Tamaki is still determined to forestall the relocation initiative by refusing to approve design changes that the GOJ plans to seek to reinforce seabed in the vicinity that was found to be softer than estimated. The governor also reportedly plans not to authorize the ministry’s request for transferring coral at the site.  

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