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Japanese economy likely experiencing longest postwar expansion

  • January 30, 2019
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All national dailies reported that the GOJ released on Tuesday its monthly economic report, saying that Japan’s economy is “recovering at a moderate pace” and is “likely experiencing its longest postwar expansion of 74 months since December 2012.” Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Motegi told a regular press briefing on Tuesday that the economic expansion has likely surpassed the previous longest expansion between February 2002 and February 2008. However, in view of China’s recent economic slowdown, Motegi warned that it is necessary for Japan to be careful about overseas risk, including trade tensions between the United States and China and the slowdown in the Chinese economy.


Asahi wrote that consumers have yet to feel the benefits of the prolonged economic boom because private consumption remains weak as wages have been slow to increase and the GDP has grown a real 1.2% on average during the current expansionary phase, lower than the 1.6% marked during the previous boom.


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