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Japan protests ROK’s dissolution of comfort women foundation

All national dailies wrote that in response to the South Korean government’s procedures to disband the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation, which was set up to support the former comfort women under the 2015 Japan-ROK agreement, MOFA Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Director General Kanasugi filed a protest on Monday with the minister counselor at the ROK Embassy in Tokyo. Minister Counselor Mizushima at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul also lodged a protest with the South Korean foreign ministry.


Chief Cabinet Suga reportedly told a regular news conference on Tuesday that the dissolution is problematic in view of the bilateral agreement and absolutely unacceptable. He added that Japan will continue to demand that the ROK government implement the bilateral agreement faithfully.


In a related development, the papers wrote that Kim Bok-dong, one of South Korea’s most prominent surviving comfort women and a vocal activist against the 2015 agreement with Japan, died on Monday at age 92. South Korean President Moon Jae-in paid his respects to Kim on Tuesday and wrote on his Facebook page that Kim led the campaign to set history right by demanding an apology and legal compensation for imperial Japan’s atrocities.

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