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Poll shows slight increase in cabinet support rating

  • February 4, 2019
  • , TBS
  • JMH Summary

TBS reported this morning on the results of a JNN opinion poll conducted on Feb. 2-3, which showed a slight increase of 2 percentage points in the Abe cabinet’s support rating from last month to 52.8% and a drop in the disapproval rating by 1.2 points to 44.3%. The poll also showed that 76% were unconvinced by the Labor Ministry’s special investigation committee’s finding that there was no organized effort to cover up its faulty data scandal, while only 10% were convinced. Asked whether Labor Minister Nemoto should resign over the scandal, 35% of respondents said he should and 46% felt he doesn’t need to. With regard to the longest period of economic growth in postwar history under Abenomics, 82% said they don’t really feel the effects of it, while 13% said they do. When asked about the consumption tax increase set for October this year, 55% said they were opposed to it and 37% said they were in favor. Regarding prominent opposition Diet member Goshi Hosono’s decision to join the LDP’s Nikai faction, 58% did not agree with it and 25% thought it was “understandable.”

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