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Language toned down in government-backed rally on Northern Territories

Asahi wrote that an annual government-backed rally to call for the return of the Northern Territories was held on Thursday in Tokyo, but the statement released at the event did not include language saying the four disputed islands are “illegally occupied” as it has for the past ten years. The organizer also refrained from saying that further delays in settling the dispute cannot be tolerated. The paper speculated that the organizer, while still demanding the return of the islands, refrained from using such phrases to avoid provoking Russia. Noting that some 1,800 people, up 20% from last year, participated in the event, the paper conjectured that the number of participants increased as a result of Prime Minister Abe’s agreement with President Putin last November to accelerate peace treaty talks.


Yomiuri wrote that at the event Prime Minister Abe reiterated his resolve to settle the territorial dispute and conclude a peace treaty with Russia. The paper pointed out that although the premier had previously said he would resolve the issue of “the sovereignty of the four islands,” he did not use the phrase this time. The daily also noted that while Foreign Minister Kono described the Northern Territories as an “integral part of Japan” at the event last year, he refrained from doing so this time.

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