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Okinawa governor expresses resolve to block Henoko construction

  • February 14, 2019
  • , Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo
  • JMH Summary

Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo reported on a policy speech delivered by Okinawa Governor Tamaki at the prefectural assembly on Wednesday. Okinawa Times wrote that the governor expressed his resolve to make an all-out effort to achieve his campaign promise to block the construction of a “new base” at Henoko. Tamaki stressed that Okinawa’s hosting of about 70% of the U.S. military facilities in Japan is “abnormal” and that the burden of hosting U.S. bases should be shared by all Japanese. The governor added that understanding and cooperation from the U.S. side is important to resolve the base issues. Ryukyu Shimpo quoted Tamaki as saying that it is important to seek solutions through dialogue instead of judicial procedures. The governor added that it is absolutely unacceptable for the Futenma base to remain in its current location indefinitely and that he will call on the GOJ to relocate the base out of Okinawa or Japan.

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