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ROK group planning to erect requisitioned worker statue in front of Japanese consulate in Busan again

NHK reported on Wednesday evening that in light of the 100th anniversary of the independence movement on the Korean Peninsula on March 1, an ROK labor group which attempted to erect a statue symbolizing the World War II requisitioned workers in front of the Japanese consulate general in Busan in May last year is planning to try to install the statue again. This group was stopped by the police last year and the statue was removed by the local government and returned to the group. An official of the group told NHK that they are planning to erect the statue in front of the Japanese consulate general on March 1. There is already a statue symbolizing the former comfort women in front of the consulate general and the group intends to set up the requisitioned worker statue beside it. NHK said that setting up the statue would probably further aggravate the strained Japan-ROK relationship.

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