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EXCLUSIVE: N. Korea fails to get information on Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo, Feb. 24 (Jiji Press) — North Korea’s Olympic committee has been unable to receive information needed for the country’s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games due to a network connection problem, it was learned Sunday.

The North Korean committee is supposed to get necessary information from the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee through a dedicated network system, like other national Olympic committees that belong to the International Olympic Committee.

But the North Korean committee has not been issued with the identification and password needed to access the extranet and, therefore, been unable to receive information on the entry of athletes and media accreditation, informed sources told Jiji Press.

An IOC official admitted that the Tokyo organizing committee is aware of the problem and making efforts to address it, saying there is a technical problem regarding Web accessibility for Japan and North Korea.

An official of the Tokyo organizing committee said some national Olympic committee cannot access the network due to a technical problem.

The North Korean committee has asked for the delivery of related information in documentary form, but the request has not been granted, according to the sources.

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