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55% of junior high and high school students turn to social media for news, survey

  • March 12, 2019
  • , NIKKEI Business Daily , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

Mobile Marketing Data Labo (MMD Labo) (Minato Ward, Tokyo), a survey agency, has released the findings of its poll of junior high and high school students about where they get news. In the multiple-response poll, 55.8% of pollees said they use social networking sites (SNS), including Twitter, to get news, making this the second most-frequently given response after television. Some 70% of junior high students and over 90% of high school students have a smartphone, and this has greatly changed how these young people use media.


MMD Labo joined up with TesTee, Inc. (Chuo Ward, Tokyo), which conducts app-based surveys, to conduct this survey, which was taken in February. Responses were received from 1,248 junior high and high school students, aged 12 through 18, who own smartphones.


Asked what media they use on a regular basis, about 80% said SNS, followed by television and video-sharing apps.


Asked where they get their Japan and world news (multiple responses permitted), 73.8% said television while 55.8% said SNS and 38.9% said Internet news sites. Some 12.3% said they consult the newspaper for such information.


Asked what they considered to be the most reliable news source, 60.1% said television and 9.9% said SNS, followed by video-sharing apps, such as YouTube, at 8.6%. This suggests that that SNS is becoming more important.


MMD Labo commented on the relationship between smartphones and news: “Many only look at the headlines when using apps or the web. The news that people browse is gradually becoming imbalanced to favor their individual interests.” Asked about how they read the news, about 60% of respondents said that they “only read the headlines in most cases” or “skim the article.” Asked what news they are interested in, about 20% to 30% said that they are interested in political, economic, and social topics.


According to another poll conducted by MMD Labo, 26% of junior high and high school students said that they have been taken in by fake news. It looks like media literacy will become increasingly important.

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