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CCS Suga explains GOJ decision not to co-sponsor UN resolution condemning DPRK

NHK, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, and NTV reported today that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga explained during a news conference this morning the government’s decision not to co-sponsor with the EU this year a UN resolution condemning North Korea’s human rights violations, including the abduction of Japanese nationals, even though it has done so for 11 consecutive years. He said the decision was made in an effort to prod North Korea to engage in dialogue to make progress in the abduction issue, and was based on a comprehensive assessment of the results of the two U.S.-DPRK summits and the situation surrounding the abduction issue at present. The TV networks said, however, that if a resolution condemning North Korea sponsored by the EU alone is submitted to the UN, Japan will vote for the resolution. The government is reportedly also expected to extend its unilateral economic sanctions against the DPRK, which are set to expire on April 13, through a cabinet decision in early April. NHK also showed Suga saying: “Japan fully supports President Trump’s decision not to make easy compromises while continuing to hold constructive dialogue with the DPRK in order to prompt it to take concrete action.” 

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