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Defense Ministry submits report on fortification of soft seabed in Henoko

  • March 16, 2019
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All papers reported on Saturday morning that the Defense Ministry submitted to the Diet on Friday a 9,969-page report on its study of the design and construction method for the foundation of the Henoko reclamation area, stating that the fortification of soft seabed will take three years and eight months. The papers wrote that this means that even if the reinforcement work starts immediately, the process will not be completed until November 2022 at the earliest. As a result, the Japanese and U.S. governments’ original goal of returning MCAS Futenma within FY2022 will be impossible to achieve. The dailies wrote that the government now plans to submit a request to make design changes to the construction method, but the Okinawa government is unlikely to approve it so this could delay the relocation process further.

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