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North Korea failed to provide detailed information on nuclear facilities ahead of summit

Today’s Asahi reported from Seoul on the disclosure by a source involved in U.S.-ROK relations that in the run-up to the Hanoi Summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim in late February, North Korean officials refused to provide to U.S. diplomats with specifics on the operations of the nuclear complex at Yongbyon, which the DPRK leader has promised to dismantle in its entirety. The North Koreans reportedly gave vague responses when the U.S. negotiators asked them to provide the names and specific locations of over a dozen nuclear-related facilities at the complex. The DPRK officials also reportedly dismissed a U.S. allegation on the existence of a clandestine uranium enrichment facility near Pyongyang. The daily speculated that the U.S. leader might have ultimately chosen to walk away from the summit because of Pyongyang’s uncooperative attitude toward disclosing the details of its nuclear programs.

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