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57 pct to review spending due to tax hike, Jiji poll

Tokyo, March 24 (Jiji Press)–A Jiji Press public opinion poll has found that 57.2 pct of all respondents plan to review household spending due to the consumption tax hike slated for October.


Those who do not feel financially comfortable accounted for 58.5 pct of the total respondents, up 3.0 percentage points from a year before.


Meanwhile, 39.8 pct said they feel financially comfortable, namely 6.9 pct feeling clearly comfortable plus 32.9 pct feeling the sentiment to some extent.


In the “not comfortable” camp, 21.4 pct were clear about their feeling while 37.1 pct said they somewhat do not feel financially comfortable.


While 57.2 pct said they will review their family budgets, 37.2 pct answered the opposite. The share of those ready for such a review was far higher at 65.5 pct among women than 49.3 pct among men.


Of the respondents who support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet, 51.2 pct said they will review their spending.


The share stood at 62.7 pct among those who do not support the cabinet and 60.3 pct among those who are not sure whether they back the cabinet.


Of the total respondents planning to review their family budgets, the biggest percentage, at 59.4 pct, cited food expenses.


They were followed by 39.5 pct planning to review entertainment spending, including on dining out and travel, 37.6 pct mentioned a utility cost review, 31.2 pct ready to consider communications spending cuts and 31.0 pct planning to scrutinize clothing and jewelry purchase costs.


The interview survey was conducted on 2,000 people aged at least 18 over the four days to Feb. 11, of whom 61.1 pct gave valid responses.

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