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Ginowan mayor comments on Futenma relocation

  • March 26, 2019
  • , Ryukyu Shimpo
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Ryukyu Shimpo wrote that in response to the start on Monday of earth-pouring operations at a new section at Henoko, Ginowan Mayor Matsukawa told reporters on Monday that there may be no option other than continuing moving forward with the current construction at Henoko to remove the danger at Futenma. The paper interpreted this remark to mean that the mayor indicated approval of the ongoing relocation work. The paper claimed that this was the first time the mayor expressed approval of the Henoko project since he took office in September 2018. According to the paper, the mayor also commented on the Okinawa prefectural government’s fresh lawsuit against the land minister over the landfill permit at Henoko by reportedly saying that the split between the GOJ and the prefectural government over Futenma relocation is very regrettable. The paper quoted the mayor as adding: “Court battles alone will not produce concrete progress. Both the central and prefectural governments must mull ways to achieve the closure and return of the Futenma base. There appears to be no other option than the Henoko plan to achieve that goal.”

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