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Senior USG officials comment on DPRK, Japan

Asahi and Nikkei highlighted remarks made at the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday by Assistant Secretary of Defense Schriver, who reportedly said there has been no noteworthy progress in North Korea’s denuclearization. Former Air Force Brig. Gen. Stilwell, who has been nominated as assistant secretary of state for East Asia, also commented on the DPRK during his testimony at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the same day. He reportedly said the Kim regime’s nuclear and missile programs are one of the most pressing issues and that pressure on Pyongyang will be kept in place.


According to Asahi, A/S Schriver also commented on a view expressed by a Republican senator, who reportedly said Japan needs to revise the Constitution’s Article 9 so as to further advance bilateral defense cooperation. A/S Schriver reportedly noted that constitutional revision is a matter for the Japanese government and people to decide, adding: “We have been given enormous flexibility and scope as a result of changes to the interpretation of Article 9. We’ve gained benefits.” According to NHK website,  He reportedly dismissed the “Cost plus 50” formula for host nation support for the U.S. military by Japan and other allies that the Trump administration is allegedly looking into by saying: “We have not been given such instructions.” But he reportedly underscored the USG’s policy of asking its security partners to assume appropriate defense costs by saying: “The burden should be borne equally. There is no question that we will be looking for a deal that is good for America.”


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