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Schedule of major political events

  • March 28, 2019
  • , Mainichi , p. 5
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March 27

Fiscal 2019 budget passed.

April 1

Government to announce new era name.

April 7

First round of local elections (incl. gubernatorial elections and ordinance-designated cities’ mayoral elections) to be held.

April 21

Second round of local elections (incl. general mayoral elections and city council elections) to be held. Two Lower House by-elections (Osaka No. 12 and Okinawa No. 3 districts) to be held.

Second half of April

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to travel to the United States, Canada, and Europe. Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai to travel to China.

April 30

His Majesty the Emperor to abdicate.

May 1

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince to ascend the throne as the new emperor.

May 26–28(?)

U.S. President Donald Trump to visit Japan.

June 26

Ordinary Diet session to close.

June 28–29

G20 summit to be held in Osaka.


Upper House elections to be held.

Aug. 24–26

G7 summit to be held in France.

Oct. 1

Consumption tax to be increased to 10%.

Oct. 22

“Sokuirei seiden no gi” ceremony to be held to proclaim the new emperor’s enthronement to Japan and abroad.

Second half of December

Fiscal 2020 budget to be compiled.

July–August 2020

Tokyo Olympics to be held.

End of September 2021

Term of LDP president to end.

Oct. 21, 2021

Terms of Lower House members to end.


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