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U.S., Japan to enhance coordination on monitoring space debris

  • March 30, 2019
  • , Mainichi
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Saturday morning’s Mainichi wrote that the U.S. and Japan plan to deepen cooperation on monitoring debris in outer space by linking the two militaries’ space situational awareness (SSA) systems and sharing real-time data on debris and satellites operated by other countries. According to the article, as the SDF is currently building its own SSA system for completion in FY2022, the proposed linkage may begin in FY2023. The SDF’s SSA system will also be connected to a similar system operated by JAXA, which is already sharing information on space debris with the U.S. military. The two governments are also aiming to construct in the future a joint system to defend their satellites from killer satellites operated by other countries. The U.S. and Japan are expected to agree to enhance cooperation in space when their foreign and defense ministers gather in Washington in late April for a 2+2 meeting.

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