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High-ranking DOJ official comments on Huawei, North Korea

  • April 3, 2019
  • , NHK
  • JMH Summary

NHK broadcast an interview with Deputy Assistant Attorney General Adam Hickey on criminal charges pressed by the Justice Department against Chinese telecom giant Huawei concerning its attempt to steal trade secrets from American companies. The official stressed that the theft was carried out upon instructions from the senior Huawei leadership. “That’s not one or two rogue actors,” the official said, “That looks to be a corporate policy. That’s why we charged the company.” Speaking on other cases of corporate theft in America involving Chinese firms or individuals, Hickey criticized the Chinese government for not cooperating with the U.S. investigations by saying: “When we charge a Chinese company or a Chinese national, the Chinese government does not assist us. They don’t provide evidence. The Chinese government has created conditions that encourage its people to steal trade secrets from our companies.”  


According to the broadcaster, the DOJ official also commented on cyber threats posed by the DPRK. He was quoted as saying: “We have confirmed the North Koreans committed cyberattacks…. We continue to see malicious activity including activity targeting financial institutions and other entities.”  

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