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  • April 11, 2019
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All TV networks except TBS led with follow-up reports on yesterday’s resignation of Olympics Minister Sakurada over his comment that a Diet member was more important than post-quake reconstruction in Tohoku. NTV and TV Asahi said the opposition is poised to hold Prime Minister Abe accountable for appointing Sakurada and keeping him in his post even though he made several gaffes in the past, with NTV speculating that the opposition will try to trigger a chain reaction of cabinet minister resignations. Fuji TV reported that even ruling party members, including Komeito leader Yamaguchi, reacted strongly to Sakurada’s latest gaffe, with some criticizing Abe for appointing someone whom they characterized as incompetent. NHK focused on Abe’s appointment of former Olympics Minister Shunichi Suzuki as Sakurada’s replacement. TBS gave top coverage to the stabbing of a woman by a man in Kyoto this morning. 


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