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DPRK source: Cadre meetings being held to spread message that DPRK will not relinquish nukes

In an exclusive report this morning, TV Asahi cited an unnamed journalist who is a defector from North Korea as saying that he was informed by a source inside the DPRK that meetings of cadres at the provincial, city, and county levels have been held since the beginning of April to convey Kim Jong Un’s message that North Korea will never give up its nuclear arsenal and will further beef up its nuclear capabilities and obtain more nuclear weapons. This is despite the fact that Kim indicated at the Supreme People’s Assembly last week that he is willing to hold a third summit with President Trump this year to discuss denuclearization. The above journalist was quoted as saying that Kim’s remark that he will await a “bold decision” from Washington before year-end to change its approach on the denuclearization talks actually mean that he is buying time to preclude an attack by the U.S. before the end of this year because the DPRK will be able to complete its development of retaliatory attack capabilities by then. He also pointed out that although Kim visited a construction site and a starch factory in Samjiyon recently, a new military command center is also being built nearby and is slated for completion this year. He indicated that North Korea is confident that it will be able to survive any U.S. military attack after this facility is completed.

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