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Polls show opposition candidate leading in Okinawa Lower House by-election

  • April 14, 2019
  • , Asahi, Yomiuri
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Yomiuri reported on Sunday on the results of its polls conducted on April 11-13 in the Lower House 12th district of Osaka and 3rd district of Okinawa, where by-elections will be held on April 21. While the three candidates in Osaka were running neck and neck, the anti-base opposition candidate in Okinawa, freelance journalist Tomohiro Yara, was ahead of the LDP candidate, Aiko Shimajiri. By presenting himself as the successor of Governor Tamaki, who previously occupied the seat, Yara has been able to secure the backing of opposition party supporters as well as over 50% of unaffiliated voters. While Shimajiri has gained the support of over 80% of LDP supporters, she has only managed to obtain the support of 20% of unaffiliated voters.


Asahi also published the results of a poll it conducted jointly with Okinawa Times and local TV channel QAB on April 12-13 showing that Yara has gained the backing of all those who support the anti-base umbrella group All Okinawa Council, as well as over 70% of unaffiliated voters and 20% of LDP supporters, while Shimajiri has secured the support of 80% of LDP supporters and around 20% of unaffiliated voters.


Mainichi reported on Sunday on the results of a Kyodo opinion poll conducted on April 12-13 showing that Yara has secured the support of all opposition party supporters and nearly 60% of unaffiliated voters, while Shimajiri has gained the support of some 70% of LDP and Komeito supporters, but less than 10% of unaffiliated voters. Sankei also confirmed on Sunday the Kyodo poll results with its own findings, but noted that some 30% of unaffiliated voters were still undecided.

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