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40 pct of Japanese unhappy with 10-day holiday, Jiji Press poll

  • April 13, 2019
  • , Jiji Press , 8:33 p.m.
  • English Press

Tokyo, April 13 (Jiji Press)–A recent Jiji Press poll found that some 40 pct of people in Japan are not happy about an unprecedented 10-day Golden Week holiday from late April to early May to commemorate the Imperial succession.


The survey showed that a total of 36.5 pct of respondents are happy about the long holiday, with 9.3 pct choosing the answer “very happy” and 27.2 pct “happy to some extent.”


Meanwhile, a total of 41.0 pct were found to be unhappy, with 14.8 pct saying that they are “not happy at all” and 26.2 pct “not very happy.”


Respondents not interested in the 10-day holiday made up 21.1 pct.


With Emperor Akihito scheduled to abdicate on April 30 and Crown Prince Naruhito to ascend the throne the following day, the government has made the entire period from April 27 until May 6 a special holiday period.


The proportion of people in their 30s who are not happy about the 10 days off stood at 46.9 pct. The percentage stood at 45.9 pct for those in their 40s.


Asked about reasons why they are not happy with multiple answers allowed, the largest group, or 28.0 pct, said that the holidays do not matter to them because they are not working, followed by 19.3 pct who cannot take days off during the holiday period, 10.8 pct whose burdens such as household work will increase and 9.6 pct who worry that the holidays may disrupt their business operations.


The survey also found that during the holiday period, 32.4 pct expect to take 10 straight days off, while 15.0 pct cannot or will not take any day off.


The proportion of respondents who can or will take only a day off stood at 4.3 pct. People who will take two to three days off accounted for 18.5 pct.


The percentage of men who cannot or will not take any day off stood at 9.4 pct, while that of women came to 21.0 pct.


Regarding ways to spend the holidays, the largest group, or 64.3 pct, will stay at home to have a relaxing time. Respondents who plan to do household work, go shopping or watch movies in nearby areas accounted for the majority.


The proportion of respondents who will travel in or outside Japan stood at 16.2 pct.


Asked about the idea of the government continuing to take an initiative to set long holidays in the future, 29.9 pct were supportive and 66.8 pct opposed.


The survey was conducted March 8-11 through interviews with 2,000 people aged 18 and over nationwide. Valid answers were given by 61.2 pct.

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