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President Trump, PM Abe speak by phone

All TV networks reported on Monday on a teleconference between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe earlier in the evening. According to the networks, Abe told reporters that he and the President exchanged views on the North Korea situation and closely coordinated on a response to its launch of projectiles on May 4. He said they agreed that experts of both countries will cooperate closely in analyzing information on the projectiles. NHK showed Abe saying that Japan and the U.S. are in complete agreement on working toward the early implementation of the agreement on the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula signed at the U.S.-DPRK summit last year. He stressed that he and the President are in “complete agreement” on “all aspects” of how to respond to North Korea going forward. The TV networks reported that Abe reiterated his readiness to meet with the DPRK’s Kim Jong Un “unconditionally” over the abduction issue and stated that he is determined not to miss any opportunity to resolve it. NHK reported that the two leaders also agreed on the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the need for close Japan-U.S.-ROK cooperation to resolve the abduction, nuclear, and missile issues. Abe reportedly told President Trump that President Putin and President Xi hold share their view on North Korea’s denuclearization and will play a “positive role” in addressing this issue. According to the network, President Trump was pleased with Abe’s remarks. NHK also reported online that the two leaders agreed to step up the U.S.-Japan trade talks and exchanged views on the U.S.-China trade friction.

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