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Escalated tension with China may effect U.S. trade negotiations with Japan

On President Trump’s recent decision to impose higher tariffs on Chinese imports, Nikkei conjectured that since the U.S. leader appears to be extremely eager to negotiate agreements with trading partners quickly in the run-up to the presidential election next year, he may step up pressure on Japan if trade talks with the Chinese become prolonged. The daily claimed that up until now the President has been receptive to the premier’s desire to put off reaching a trade deal with Washington until after the Upper House election in July, quoting him as allegedly saying during the April 26 meeting at the White House with Abe and other Japanese officials: “We don’t have to be so impatient at least for now. I don’t want us to be in a disadvantageous position compared with our foreign competitors, but the Japanese side has its own circumstances.”


Mainichi carried a similar story, underscoring that President Trump’s announcement on imposing a tariff of 25% on Chinese products represents his tough approach to trade negotiations.

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