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Mageshima owner discontinues discussions with GOJ on sale of island

  • May 8, 2019
  • , Asahi
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Asahi reported that the owner of Mageshima in Kagoshima notified the Defense Ministry in writing yesterday that it will discontinue negotiations on the proposed sale of the island, citing the ministry’s alleged unwillingness to hold communications with it. “We’ve decided to give up on selling the island and instead pursue an alternative option,” said the president of the company that owns the island, who took the post in February by ousting his predecessor. The former president had concluded a tentative agreement with the ministry in January on selling the isle at a price of 16 billion yen ($150 million). The daily added that as a result, the outlook for Japan’s plan to use the uninhabited islet as a platform for FCLP training by the U.S. military has gone back to square one.

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